The Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ICAPP) is an organisation which provides a range of education and training courses for health, welfare and educational professionals.

The courses are designed to develop psychoanalytic thinking that can be effectively used in various settings involving work with children and adolescents and their families.

ICAPP Training Programme for 2018

ICAPP is pleased to announce a restructuring of its training programme for 2018 to 2022. The new training will follow an ‘escalator’ model in which people can determine the level and complexity of the training they desire, ranging from introductory to a full training in child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Each level of training will be based on a modular system in which there will be four units per level.  A unit will entail a 15-week programme. Units can be taken individually or as part of a yearly programme. People who have undertaken previous ICAPP courses can apply for credit of certain units as long as all requirements of that previous course have been fulfilled.

The programme is as follows:

Year 1. – Level 1
Certificate Course in psychoanalytic understanding of children and adolescents (4 units)

Year 2, – Level 2
Course in psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapy (4 units)

Year 3, – Level 3
Clinical Training in psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapy – 1 (4 units)

Year 4, – Level 4
Clinical Training in psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapy – 2 (4 units)

The Certificate Course (Level 1) is a Foundational level of learning in which the practice of observing infantile states of mind and reading about psychoanalytic principles are introduced. The skills and knowledge developed at this level are considered to be the basis of all future psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

The Course in child and adolescent psychotherapy (Level 2) introduces the student to the practice of child and adolescent psychotherapy. As well as reading classic papers concerning the theory and practice of child and adolescent psychotherapy, issues concerning techniques in the assessment and therapy of children and adolescents and working with parents will be presented. Undertaking clinical work with children and adolescent and thinking about this work is an optional part at this level.

Clinical Training in child and adolescent psychotherapy (Level 3) builds upon the level 2 course. It begins the formal training in child and adolescent therapy. All units will have a clinical emphasis. Readings in contemporary literature on child and adolescent therapy will be examined, incorporating the different schools of analytic thinking in this area. Clinical supervision and discussion, both individually and in small groups, will begin. Students will be required to be undertaking clinical work with children and/or adolescents. Students in level 3 and 4 are expected to be undertaking their own personal therapy

Clinical Training – 2 (Level 4) is a consolidation and elaboration of level 3. Clinical supervision continues with the expectation of a greater level of sophistication in understanding and sensitivity in technique. Clinical reading will focus of particular areas of interest (e.g. autism, neuroscience).

These units will also be offered through Zoom for distance education as well as face to face if numbers make this viable.
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