Single event fees
Applications for registration in ICAPP events will be directed to pay by direct transfer prior to seminar.  At times, payment at the event will be possible. See relevant flyers for specifics.

Tuition fees for short courses and for Psychotherapy Training.
An invoice is provided to each student at the beginning of each semester and payment is expected within 6 weeks. Under extenuating circumstances, students who are unable to pay within this time period should contact their ICAPP mentor, or if they haven’t been allocated a mentor contact Liz Chaikin at theicapp@hotmail.com) to negotiate a payment plan.

Supervision fees for trainees
The supervision fee will be standard for the first training case, supervised by an ICAPP member and set at $75 plus GST per session. The fee for the second training case will need to be negotiated with the supervisor by the trainee

Therapy fees for trainees
The financial cost of the trainee’s therapy is the responsibility of the trainee. As it is a training therapy, it is expected that claims from Medicare are not sought but costs may be eligible for claim via tax deduction