Training in Detail

Level 1 Foundation Studies in the Psychoanalytic Understanding of Children and Adolescents (Units 1-4)

This is a foundation level of learning in which the practice of observing infantile states of mind and reading about psychoanalytic principles are introduced.    

Units 1 & 2 Infant Observation (I.O.)

Currently Full ~ Applications Open for Waiting List Only 

Infant Observation is a one-year course. However, the study of units 1 and 2 can extend beyond one year of study, allowing for time for the student to locate a suitable parent/child couple. 

Groups occur at one of the following time spots. Where a group is full at the time of application students will be placed on a waiting list.

i) Tuesday 9.30am to 11am

ii) Tuesday 4pm to 5.30pm

iii)  Thursday 2pm to 3.30pm

Cost: $3,300
Duration: 1 Year (2 Semesters)
Course Submissions: A 5000 word paper is required at the end of the unit. 


Unit 3 Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory

This reading seminar introduces students to key concepts in Psychoanalytic theory. The development of these concepts will be explored through the writings of early theorists including Freud, Klein, Winnicott, Bion, Lacan and others. Alongside these figures we will also look at a range of more contemporary thinkers that have had a particular influence in working with children and adolescents including Anne Alvarez, Christopher Bollas, Tom Ogden and Antonino Ferro.

Cost: $1,275
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: Mondays 5pm to 6.15pm
Course Submissions: A 1500 word essay is required at the end of this unit.

Next course commencing July 15, 2024. Applications Open Now. 


Unit 4 The Practice of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

This unit introduces the student to the theory and practice of child and adolescent psychotherapy. The seminar will follow Peter Blake’s text book, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy as well as referring to other leading theorists. It will include topics such as assessment, working with parents, the setting, symbolisation and play therapy. Clinical material will be presented for in depth exploration as to how it relates to introduced techniques.

Cost $1020
Duration: 12 Weeks
Time: Mondays 5pm to 6.15pm   

Next course commencing July 15, 2024. Applications Open Now. 


Level 2 Clinical Studies of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy (Units 5-8)

Level 1 (Units 1 to 4) must be successfully completed before students can progress to Level 2.

For entry into Level 2 each student is required to be undertaking their own personal therapy at least twice a week until completion of their training cases. It is a requirement that the therapist be approved by ICAPP.

Unit 5  Working with Parents and Families

This program of readings and discussion of clinical material focuses on working with families and parents from a psychodynamic perspective.

A child or adolescent cannot be thought about outside the context of their family and parents. The tension of working with the individual child and/or the family or parents is a constant issue in child and adolescent work. These tensions will be explored in these seminars with theoretical and practical issues being discussed from a psychoanalytic perspective.

Cost: $1,275
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: Thursdays 7pm – 8.15pm 
Seminar Leaders: Jeanne Magagna and Sally Young

Next course commencing February 2025. 

Unit 6  Assessment & Understanding of the Child’s Inner World

This is a unique opportunity to study with Peter Blake.

This program consists of readings and discussion of presented clinical material that focuses on the psychodynamic assessment of children and adolescents. This is for both short and long-term interventions as well as parent consultations.

Cost: $1,275
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: Mondays 5.30 to 6.45 commencing March 4th – June 24 2024
Seminar Leader: Peter Blake

Next course commencing February 2025. 

Unit 7   Small Group Clinical Supervision

This is a unique opportunity to study with Peter Blake.

This small group clinical seminar provides an opportunity for professionals working with children and/or adolescents to present their work for group discussion concentrating on relevant theoretical and technical issues. This Seminar is for experienced Psychotherapists  who work with children and or adolescents.

Cost: $1,275
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: Mondays 5.30pm to 6.45pm.

Next course commencing: July 15 2024. Applications Now Open.

Unit 8  Contributions to Psychoanalytic Theory & Practice by Klein & Bion

The basis for reading Bion a& examining his development of Klein’s theories.
Times to be confirmed for 2024.

Cost: $1,275
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: Tuesdays 5pm to 6.15pm

Next course commencing: July 16 2024.   Applications Now Open.

Level 3 Clinical Training in Psychoanalytic Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy (Units 9-12)

Level 3 builds upon the understanding and knowledge gained in Level 2 and begins the formal training in child and adolescent therapy. Readings in contemporary literature on child and adolescent therapy will be examined, incorporating different schools of analytic thinking in this area. Clinical supervision and discussion both individually and in small groups will begin. Students will be required to be undertaking clinical work with children and / or adolescents and will take on 2 training cases. Students are also expected to continue their personal therapy during this training.


Unit 9  Contemporary and Emerging Theories: Ogden & Ferro

This is a reading seminar following on from the Klein and Bion reading seminars. It will focus on the post-Bionian work of Tom Ogden and Antonino Ferro and other emerging theories and practices. It examines the changing views of the unconscious and the importance of working inter-subjectively.

Cost: $1,275
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: 4.30pm to 5.45pm for 2024.
Next course commencing: Wednesdays July 17 2024. Applications Now Open.

Course Submissions: A 1500 word essay is required at the end of the unit.


Unit 10 Clinical Issues

This unit will focus on one current specialised area of clinical interest such as autism, ADHD, trauma, sexual abuse, learning difficulties and neurological developments.

Eminent clinicians, including international psychotherapists, will conduct these seminars.

Cost: $1,275
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: To be confirmed for 2024.


Unit 11 Advanced Clinical Immersion with Sue Reid

This is a small group clinical supervision seminar. It is for advanced students of ICAPP as well as experienced child and adolescent psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, and clinicians. This is a unique opportunity to deeply explore clinical work by immersing oneself in the material, examining its infantile roots and following in great detail the interaction and flow of the transference and counter transference and how these impact upon the therapist’s ability to work intuitively. 

Cost: $1,350
Duration: 15 Weeks
Time: To be confirmed for 2024.


Unit 12 Working with Children and Adolescents in the Winnicott Tradition

This unit is devoted to deep exploration of child & adolescent work from a Winnicott perspective. A combination of clinical presentations and readings will foster close attention to assessment and therapy issues arising from engagement with young people of this developmental period.

Cost: $1,500
Duration: 15 weeks
Time: Thursdays 9am to 10.15am.

Next Course Commencing July 11 2024.  Applications Now Open.